Interesting Facts about Environment Sensitivity
*Premature babies are more sensitive to their environment than full-term babies. Premature babies react more to changes in temperature, light, sound, scent and activity than full-term babies.

*70% of the world's surface is covered by water but 97.5% of that is salt water. Of the remaining 2.5% that is fresh water, 68.7% is frozen in ice caps and glaciers. Less than 1% is available for human use.

*Each year Americans alone throw away 18 billion disposable diapers. In perspective, this is enough to extend from the earth to the moon and back 7 times.

* Five really important things we can do to help the environment

  1. Reduce Recycle Reuse: Reduce the amount of trash by buying stuff with less packaging. Recycle used plastic, paper, aluminum. Reuse old leather, clothing etc.
  2. Usage of less energy which will save money and the earth.
  3. Eating food and not using the road as the dustbin.
  4. Saving trees: Use old Newspaper as wrapping paper.
  5. Put rotten food in the Compost. If you don’t have compost, don’t buy one, make one; we would help you to learn.
*contributed by Floatel Kolkata
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