Problem: Are you in Delhi and badly in need of a holiday but not enough time to go away to far off destinations?
Solution: Book into the Orchid New Delhi’s Weekend Package and you will find it hard to believe that you really are in the centre of NCR.

Problem: Suffering from physical and mental tensions, tired and sore muscles, tri doshas, sleeplessness, backache, and spondilitis and do not want to be at the regular Hospitals?
Solution: Check into the Cabbana Orchid, Phagwara, Jalandhar where our Spa Treatments will work wonders in the five star ambience!

Problem: You are in Mumbai or Goa or Pune or Chennai or Kerala and face the above problems?
Solution: There are the Lagoona Resort in Lonavla, The Beacon Court, Baga, Goa, and the Beach Orchid, Kollam, Kerala offering equally good solutions to your problems.
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