In India, the land of villages, each rural culture has its own tourist attraction and this attribute has given birth to a new Tourism brand viz, Agro Tourism. In ecotourism, the primary focus is on the landscape of a destination whereas in agro tourism the attention shifts to its cultural landscape. As more and more foreign tourists are getting interested in cultural interactions with their destination, there is the scope for converting the rural culture to earnings that can improve the income of regional population. Above all it also helps conserving the diversity of Indian rural culture. Other potential and upcoming tourism brands are ethno tourism, health tourism, historical or heritage tourism, art tourism, and adventure tourism. The current decade is likely to see commendable growth in Indian villages in all these categories as more and more villagers recognize the value of agro-biodiversity of their habitats and agree that they should protect it.
In this scenario Hotel groups have a hitherto unknown opportunities and responsibilities in promoting properties in suburbs and rural locations as opposed to the crowded city locations that have received more than their fair share of attention during the last ten decades.
Concept Hospitality Private Ltd is making great strides toward incorporating the philosophy of environmentally sensitive hospitality into all its phases of business. CHPL are committed to protecting our environment and helping to ensure a future for all living things.
With this aim Concept Hospitality Pvt Ltd has added into its bouquet a few new properties in destinations that can be described as Nature’s Own Abode. Two of these are The Meadows Resort, Aurangabad and the Surya Retreat Mahabaleswar. Our Patrons can certainly expect to see more and more such rural penetration from our Group in the coming months and years.
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