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An Indian Sparrow Lover

Among India's tiger-obsessed conservationists, Mohammed Dilawar is an oddity. The former lecturer in environmental studies once turned down an offer to work with tigers, dedicating himself instead to saving the sparrow. Using his own money and working from his home in Nasik in western India, Dilawar runs a project to preserve what he believes is one of India's most threatened birds. The house sparrow was once so ubiquitous across India that it appears in folktales and songs. A report by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research recorded a dramatic drop in sparrow populations in southern India. Modern architecture and shrinking gardens and parklands have rendered sparrows homeless, since they like to nest in nooks and crannies. Meanwhile, use of pesticides has killed off the bugs the bird needs to feed its young. A worrying situation indeed!
Crows, doves, parrots, mynahs, any sponsors?

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