Common Wealth Games New Delhi 2010 is going to be the first Green Games and the first “consumption-neutral” Games to be held in India adopting eco-friendly practices through sustainable action and demonstration of eco-consciousness. Focus is on waste management, social forestation, anti-litter campaigns, sustainable transport, use of renewable energy sources and efficient water management. 2000 vehicles for transporting athletes and officials will run on CNG. To go hand in hand with the Government initiatives the country’s pioneer in Ecotourism, the Concept Hospitality Pvt Ltd, as well as other major Hotel Groups, not only in New Delhi but from all over the country, are planning to announce Special packages in connection with the CWG. We hope to enable the 8000 athletes and 30000 officials from 71 Commonwealth Nations and the more than 2lakh expected participants from the world over not only to visit the National Capital where the CWG takes place but also help them get a taste of the vivacious geography and culture of this grand phenomenon called India during the month of October. These packages will be valid during the days before and after the 14-day Event that is the first of its kind to come to India after the Asian Games of 1982.

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