THEME OF THE QUARTER - Eco-friendly Hotels
Majority Indian business travellers opt for eco-friendly hotels
Accor Asia Pacific Business Traveller Survey 2011 has revealed that modern Indian business travellers are becoming more eco-conscious and tech-savvy. In addition, the report revealed that the high percentage of owners and C-Level executives travel more frequently than employees of other ranks. The survey also found that Indian business travellers in the region are becoming 'environmentally aware' when choosing a hotel.
66 per cent of travellers would choose a hotel because it is more environmentally conscious, and 62 per cent of travellers would pay extra to stay in a hotel with a superior environmental commitment to a similar standard hotel in the same location, according to the company release.
According to the survey, female business travellers make up the minority of the sample. However, the survey reveals that female travellers are more environment sensitive than their male counterpart.
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