The Fern Jaipur An Ecotel opens new Sohum Spa

Environment Friendly Activity at the Fern -Jaipur

On behalf of The Fern -An Ecotel Hotel-Jaipur, my entire team & I welcome you .We would like invite you to participate in Environmentally Friendly Activity at the Fern as mentioned below:

Save our Planet: A-Bed room sheet that are washed daily in thousands of hotel around the world ,Uses million of gallons of water and a lot of detergent .If you are staying more than one night and would prefer not to have your sheets changed, please place this card on the bed each morning. Card on the bed means, "I will reuse today" .By which you can contribute to environment to save 16 Ltr water daily.

Bathroom: B-In the same way if you wish to reuse your bath towel .Please hangs it on the towel hanger and save environment by saving 10 Ltr water daily.

Eco Button: This is the button on the Pamba Panel to control all the lights of the room. By pressing this button the temperature of the room will increased by 2 degree and you can contribute environment to conserve energy by 3 units per day.

Flush Button: There are two button for flushing to WC, below button for 3 ltrs water to flush and above for 5 ltrs water. We recommend using lower button and save 2 ltrs water in each flush you do.

Health Faucet: Please keep the water regulator at 30 Degree angle to get the middle pressure of the water and save water to contribute to environment.

Lights of the Room: Please same energy by switching off lights while not in use and contribute to environment. The Master switch will be a help to you to control the lights of the room.

Earth Hrs: We celebrate earth day on every 3rd Tuesday of the month and switch off all the lights of the hotel for half an hrs so we request you to participate in this event.

Use of straws: We discourage the use of straws for drinks to reduce use of plastic.

Scene from Guest Participation in Green Time Day celebration dtd 21.12 .12 at the Fern Jaipur

Artistic graffiti for an eco Diwali on Oct 22nd from 4 pm onwards at RODAS Ecotel Hotel--Powai

As an art form, graffiti has evolved rapidly in recent years due largely to social and community forces.
Over 2000 joined the Green team of RODAS An Ecotel Hotel & Meluha The Fern -- Powai with the hope that graffiti will show the way this Diwali too!

States Daniel Chatterton -Executive Asst Manager & Environment officer of the Green team, "Graffiti is an art,often used as a cultural social movement with firm messages and artistic styles, which is generally agreed to make quite an impact on youth and citizens the world over! 22nd Oct evening will see residents and citizens of Hiranandani Gardens Powai gather around a large graffiti wall and literally put their writings on the wall." Continues Chatterton, "This year we are inviting members from the Prerna- NGO to celebrate Diwali with us.We are going to show them around the Ecotel and host a hi tea for them too.Reaching out to the needy during festivals is also better than cracking fireworks and filling the air with noise and pollution."The event established that a quiet and peaceful Diwali can also be celebrated spreading goodwill and cheer among all.

Floatel Kolkata

Hindusthan Times pre event Coverage on Floatel's annual day

24Ghanta organized an interview session with Bollywood Director ANIR at Promenade Deck on 16th September 2011.

Star Ananda covered the entire Floatel for the event of Durga Puja Festival 2011 at The Bridge On 16th September 2011.

There was press meet with Eminent celebrity Aloka Nanda Roy of Pujor5din Mahabhoj on Durga Puja Festival 2011 at The Bridge on 21st September 2011 which was covered by Kolkata TV, News Time, Mahua Bangla, The Telegraph and Bartaman.
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