Hospitality marketing expert Tom O’Rourke rightly puts it, travel shoppers “want to visualize their destination…” Concept Hospitality Pvt Ltd more than agrees with his view and therefore we are putting our best foot forward to tap this tremendous unexplored potential in all available media such as the Internet , Social Media, Mobile and Web. Many of our Hotels have active presence in the social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

We have already uploaded our hotels in many of the leading GDSs and are in negotiation with still more. We have put in place our CRS at our Mumbai headquarters which receives and disburses bookings received from any part of the world in real time to our Hotels in all nooks and corners of the Nation. We are also tying up with all available online advertising and booking media for effective projection of our facilities.

By communicating online with prospective customers in ways that respect their time, clarify value and build trust, we believe we can enhance our ability to drive increased conversions. We don’t want our hotel rooms sold on price alone, we differentiate ourselves and sell our benefits and hence the relevance of Online Merchandising. With this end in view we are entering into a new marketing and sales phase in our growth.
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