Nature to be her own scavenger

Scientists discover bacteria that can clean oil spill :"NY3" Bacteria
Scientists of the University of Oregon have discovered bacteria that can help in cleaning up of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The "NY3" bacteria have an "extraordinary capacity" to produce rhamnolipids that can help break down oil and then degrade some of its most serious toxic compounds.

Nature Worship in a New Form :
Many or most of us have a hobby. There is nothing great about it. But here is one man and his hobby that really is great. Sri C.V. Vidhyadharan is a police head constable in Alleppey, Kerala. From early childhood to this 45th year of his life his only hobby has been planting, watering and manuring trees!!!!! It is not only in his private garden that he does this. He gets up at 4am and collects saplings from his garden in a basket loaded on to his motorbike and rides all over the district to plant these in school, office compounds and roadsides before it is time to go to his official work. He finds time to water them and manure them too! Till today the public places in this district has 40000-50000 trees planted by Vidhyadharan. Also he writes and recites poems on trees and environment. A truly amazing personality who will go into the Guinness Book of world records shortly!!

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