The fourth quarter is the best opportunity for every hotelier to win guests over and give them a memorable experience. It's time to get down to earth. It's time to get down to basics, says Joel Cohen of

We're deep in to the Tourist Season 2010-11 where we expect an increase in traffic; an increase in party sizes, and increase in take-out; more catering; more delivery. We expect an increase in everything. So, now is it the time to put technology aside and get down to basics? Not exactly so! For hereafter no business can afford to set down technology; it is going places with businesses and it is a case of do or die for every business including Hospitality.

All Concept Hospitality Hotels are fully aware of this and we exploit every single available forum to search and win new opportunities. We forge ahead into 2011 fully equipped to meet every challenge and here is wishing all our valued patrons a New Year that materializes all your hopes, aspirations and ,not to be forgotten, the Grand Resolutions too!
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