Environmental sensibility at the grass root level

When environmental problems are discussed people generally think about problems such as waste disposal, air pollution, water contamination, and noise pollution.
At the global level environmental problems include destruction of the ozone layer, global warming, acid rain, destruction of tropical forests, desertification, pollution in developing nations, endangerment of wild life species, ocean pollution and shipments of toxic waste materials across borders. From an environmental viewpoint the damage comes from human activities which from the grass roots level on up to the international level social and economic systems are not designed properly to control. While ordinary Indians seem somewhat less interested in the environment than in the past, this year's developments such as unusually prolonged and untimely monsoons which have adversely affected crops and brought in a multitude of insects hitherto unseen attacking not only agricultural fields but human domains as well are sure to deepen grass roots level understanding and awareness of environmental problems. Most probably they are a reminder to our collective consciousness that as members of the global community each of us must strive to better understand the nature of these problems and find ways to make the collective impact of our discrete daily actions more effective in preserving the global environment.

Recycling for a Social Cause

Pepsico has come up with a novel scheme in which the company will contribute to a veterans' fund for every plastic or any container dropped in a recycle machine. Through its Dream Machine recycling initiative, PepsiCo made a $500,000 donation to the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV), a national program in the US offering career training, education and job creation for post-9/11 U.S. veterans with disabilities. PepsiCo will make a minimum contribution to EBV of $500,000 per year, over the next several years, and is urging America to join the recycling movement to help Turn Bottles to Jobs. The more that people recycle beverage containers the more support PepsiCo provides EBV. In addition to the annual contribution, for every 10 million pounds of recycled material collected in Dream Machine kiosks and bins, PepsiCo will contribute an additional $250,000 to the veteran organization. Hope some Corporate in India emulates this noble example.
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