•   In Haryana our Group Hotel the Fern Residency, Gurgaon is fully functional with 37 well appointed rooms, conference/banquet facilities, multi-cuisine restaurant and state of the art fitness centre.
•   In Mumbai the five star Ecotel Meluha The Fern with 141 rooms is functional after a soft opening
•   Our five star Ecotel Property in Phagwara, Jalandhar, The Cabbana Orchid is being rechristened as Hotel Cabbana An Ecotel
•   The Madhuban Highlands, Mussoorie and the Madhuban Dehradun have joined the CHPL Group under a management agreement
•   In Cochin CHPL has entered into a Management Agreement with an upcoming 4 star Hotel BEAUMONDE THE FERN with 60 rooms
•   In Kollam, Kerala our existing property the Beach Orchid, a five star Ecotel, will henceforth be known as Quilon Beach Hotel and Convention Centre
One of the recent entrants to CHPL fold, the Madhuban Highlands Mussoorie offers an array of services under its Rejuvenation Spa:_
Popular by the name of SANSHA AYURVEDIC HEALTH SPA in India, they offer holistic and wellness programmes which include bath, therapy, massage etc. and Himalayan body wraps Lepam, that has skin polishing, slimming programme, body wraps, exotic baths and much more of the likes. The popularity of health spas has taken the world by a storm and the hotel offers a great deal in the same to ensure that its guests have a truly memorable stay.
Sansha & Ayurveda
Each Session includes from:-
Foot hath ritual
Health Drink
Signature Therapy
Personalized herbal bath
Pranayam-the art of breathing
After treatment care
Foot Bath Ritual
The guests are welcomed in Indian tradition and their feet are cleaned from any impurities. This ritual activates blood circulation and produces a soothing effect.
Abhyangam rejuvenation therapy
A traditional synchronized full body massage using warm herbal oil for the rejuvenation and nourishment of the body.
Ayurvedic Massage
An ancient massage, invigorating and soothing strokes to stimulate the circulatory and nervous system in the body which increases flexibility and relieves pain and stiffness of the muscles.
Miraculous healing occurs when therapeutic herbal oil drips in a certain rhythm on the centre of the forehead, also the seat of our cognitive vision. Ideal for stress, depression, headaches, insomnia etc.
Sirolepa (chakra head massage)
This technique uses finely ground herbal paste which is beneficial for insomnia, cures headache, improves vision and makes the hair healthy.
Kizhi/ herbal bun therapy
Relaxing therapy given by steamed herbal buns containing therapeutic rice, herbs and fruits. Ideal for spondylitis, muscular pain, arthritis etc.
Pizhichil / oil bath
An invigorating oil bath where herbal oils are poured continuously on the body for 45 minutes followed by deep tissue massage. Ideal for skin rashes, vitality, joint pains, fractures, ligament injuries etc.
Ayurvedic Body Rubs: (Skin Polishing)
The sea shell, almond, oatmeal scrubs make the polish very effective exfoliate. Deep cleanses the skin while providing moisture and essential vitamins.
Udwarthanam - Ideal for obesity and slimming programme
The whole body is gently massaged with medicated powders prepared with various herbs. This helps to reduce the fat contents of the body and release the toxin through urine and sweat.
Body wraps
Experience purifying body wrap and lepam with nutritious blend of herbs and spices, provides a moisturising treatment to balance the skin Sandalwood body wrap - Saurabha Lepam Clay and milk body wrap - Sugandha Lepam
Exotic baths
Luxurious personalized bath by experts with herbal extracts rich in minerals, honey, rose petals, milk etc. excellent for relieving tension and stress
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