It's the New Year, which means a lot of new beginnings, some strong new resolutions and some old ones which still need to be worked on. Doing something better for the planet certainly should feature on our list of New Year resolutions.This planet is all we have but the growing risk of mindless and unsustainable development is killing it.
Every action taken to protect the environment is a step towards saving the planet. It is an investment in a cleaner and greener future. 2011 marks the end of a decade and the beginning of a new one. Let's hope the new decade is green, peaceful and sustainable. This is our little New Year wish and greeting for those who inhabit this precious planet.

Each year the race starts anew. A little pressure to outdo one's best keeps any business fun and exciting. As far as Hospitality industry is concerned harnessing the data to develop knowledge and insight about a customer's value and needs gives a unique opportunity to deliver truly differentiated experiences that make travel not just more convenient, but more enjoyable. This is the most important trend emerging as we move into 2011. Let's look forward to a wonderful year ahead.
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