PepsiCo announced that it had developed the world's first bottle to be made entirely of a plastic consisting of plant-based materials, which can be fully recycled. Its "GREEN BOTTLE" is composed of switch grass, pine bark and corn husk. Pepsi hopes to produce bottles in the future using orange and potato peels and other by-products from food.

For those stranded in airports, relief is in 140 characters
Danielle Heming spent five hours, waiting for a flight from Fort Myers, Fla., home to New York. Finally, it was cancelled. Facing overwhelmed JetBlue ticketing agents, busy signals on the phone and the possibility that she might not get a seat until New Year's Day, she remembered that a friend had rebooked her flight almost immediately by sending a Twitter message to the airline.
She got out her iPhone, did a few searches and sent a few messages. Within an hour, she had a seat on another airline and a refund from JetBlue. "It was a much, much better way to deal with this situation," said Heming, 30, a student at New York University. "It was just the perfect example of this crazy, fast-forward techno world."

All of Earth's Water in a Single Sphere

This picture shows the size of a sphere that would contain all of Earth's water in comparison to the size of the Earth. The blue sphere sitting on the United States, reaching from about Salt Lake City, Utah to Topeka, Kansas, has a diameter of about 860 miles (about 1,385 kilometers) , with a volume of about 332,500,000 cubic miles (1,386,000,000 cubic kilometers). The sphere includes all the water in the oceans, seas, ice caps, lakes and rivers as well as groundwater, atmospheric water, and even the water in you, your dog, and your tomato plant

2010 registered 5.58 million foreign tourists to India

The year 2010 closed with 5.58 million foreign tourists arrivals (FTAs) in India, registering a growth rate of 9.3 per cent as compared to the FTAs of 5.11 million and growth rate of (-) 3.3 per cent during 2009.

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