Concept Hospitality Pvt Ltd, like any of today’s hoteliers is faced with the big challenge to capture and retain the attention of consumers who are constantly on-the-go and are increasingly becoming aware of their control over the way they receive and interact with any marketing messages. The Internet is emerging as the main travel planning tool and booking channel. The media world today is instant and just having a website as the face of one’s business is not enough. People want to know what is happening now, in real-time. And with Face book and Twitter, one can achieve that. We can update and change the content regularly to make our messaging more effective and fresh to be in the limelight.

In this largely Buyers’ Market, most of CHPL Hotels, with the Grunge at the Fern Jaipur leading the list, are making all efforts to align with the hyper-interactive behavior of today’s travel consumer. We expect this will increase our interaction with visitors, engage website users, increase site stickiness, create lasting and interactive relationships, and ultimately increase bookings.
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