Home grown hotel brands bullish on their growth
  Travtalk - 02nd August 2009
Concept Hospitality re-brands Grazia to Fern
  Hospitality Biz - 22nd July 2009
Concept Hospitality forges alliance with Beacon Hotels
  Hospitality Biz - April 2009
Concept Hospitality merges with Beacon Hotels
  Hospitality Biz - April 2009
Concept and Beacon merge, launch Grazia hotels & resorts
  Hotelier Investor - April 2009
Grazia to open Rajasthan's first ecotel at Jaipur in June
  Hotelier Investor - April 2009
Concept Hospitality launches Grazia Hotels & Resorts
  Express Hospitality - April 2009
Today, the price of land in any good location
  Express Hospitality - 16th October 2008
Conceptualising Hospitality
  Express Hospitality - 16th June 2008
The Hospitality Industry and Environment
  Hospitality Biz - 02nd June 2008
Concept Hospitality in talk with potential partners in Ghana, Nepal
  Express Hospitality - 16th May 2008
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