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Name of the Property/Promoters/Location No of Rooms / Category
National Convention Centre, BMRDA Mumbai 550 rooms
The Orchid, Mumbai - Kamat Hotels (I) Ltd. , 5 star hotel 245 rooms
Daewoo Lloyds Ltd. - Submission of Tender to BMRDA 5 star Hotel
Mehra Resort - KIHIM 3star Resort
Hotel at Sahar for Kamat Hotels (I) Ltd. Kamfotel - Budget Hotel
Hotel complex at Lokhandwala, Mumbai - KHIL 4 star Hotel
Vaibility Report for Transient Hotel, Sahar - Mumbai 5 star Hotel
Hotel at Haji Ali, Mumbai 3 star Hotel
Talab Hotels & Resorts, Pune 200 rooms
Maharshtra Theatre, Bandra - Mumbai 3 star Hotel
Skyline Construction Co.- Goregaon Mumbai 3 star - 120 rooms
Starters & More Restaurant - Mumbai Ms/ Galaxy Aviation Ltd. 120 covers
Vijay infrastructure projects for Worli - Mumbai 800 rooms
Rodas Hotel, Mumbai - M/s Hiranandani Constructions 36 rooms
Uppal's Orchid - New Delhi, M/s Uppals 84 rooms
Floatel Hotel, Kolkata - M/s Manor Floatel Ltd. 49 rooms
Hotel with Spa at Calicut - M/s Hotel Calicut Green Castle
Pvt Ltd.
150 rooms
Seasons Service Apartment, Koregaon Park, Pune -
M/s NaikNavare
27 rooms
Seasons Apartment Hotel,Aundh, Pune - M/s NaikNavare 50 rooms
Rain Tree, Chennai 100 rooms
Apartment Hotel in Bangalore - M/s Goel Ganga 120 rooms
Hotel in Pune, M/s Raffles Square Development 120 rooms
O Hotel, Pune - Oxford properties 112 rooms
O Resort, Goa - M/s Oxford properties 60 rooms
Hotel in Jaipur - Geetpriya 85 rooms
Hotel in Goa, M/s Acron Developers 93 rooms
Hotel in Hyderabad, M/s Arka Hotels Pvt. Ltd. 140 rooms
The Quilon Beach, Kollam - Kerala - M/s Quilon Hotels &
Resorts Pvt Ltd.
105 rooms
Hotel in China - M/s Yunnan Lijiang Decheng Business Trade
Co Ltd.
500 rooms
The Lagoona Resort, Lonavla M/s Hasina Resorts Pvt Ltd. 120 rooms
The Wallstreet Hotel, Jaipur - M/s Trimurty Colonizers &
Builders Pvt Ltd
32 rooms
Raghav Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. 40 room Motel Chattarpur
South Delhi
Hotel in South Africa, M/s Gold Reef Towers Pvt Ltd. 159 rooms
Hotel in Tirupur 60 rooms
Hotel in Hyderabad - Chiran Fort 99 rooms
Hotel in Chennai - Rayala Group 140 rooms
Hotel in Kolkata - Salt Lake city 137 rooms
Lagoona Resort - Extension 120 rooms
Convention Centre in Alibaug 33 rooms
Kumar Hotels - Hotel in Nagpur 84 rooms
Kumar Hotels - Hotel in Nagpur 104 rooms
Viability study for Surya Retreat, Mahabaleshwar 54 rooms
Hotel in Rajkot 48 rooms
Hotel in Mumbai - Sakinaka 24 rooms
Hotel in Faridabad 29 rooms
Veselka Estate Pvt. Ltd. Budget Hotel South Delhi
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